Resources For Gardeners

No matter whether you attended our recent “Grow the Block” workshop series, or whether you had prior commitments, here are a few great resources for gardeners. Enjoy!

Workshop One: Weedeaters

1. Foraged Food Recipes (PDF)
For those of you interested in wild edible foraging, we have compiled a nifty little recipe book. Learn how to turn those pesky weeds into a delicious snack!

2. Louisiana Plant ID (PDF)
This basic guide provides an introduction to the various plant species that abound throughout New Orleans. Edible plants are illustrated, and unique facts are shared. Please note, this is not intended to be a comprehensive guide: for more information, check with the LSU Agricultural Extension.

3. Foraging Guidelines (PDF)
Be mindful of your surroundings. Our foraging guidelines are intended to provide an introduction to proper foraging behavior and safety considerations.

Workshop Two: Reclaim the Land

1. Controlling the Spread of Invasive Species (PDF)
Got a problem with weeds? Don’t we all? Learn about the issues of invasive species in New Orleans, and how you can make a difference.

2. Integrated Weed Management at Home (PDF)
Get rid of those weeds once and for all. Our guide to weed management provides one with a basic understanding of techniques and applications.

3. How to Make a Weed Tea Fertilizer (PDF)
Put those weeds to work! Learn about the benefits of developing a fertilizer, made from discarded weeds. All you need is water, weeds, time and some good old fashioned elbow grease.

Workshop 3
Want to start a garden, community garden or your own green space? This resource, developed by the Food and Farm Network and the 596 Network, provides you with a detailed map of vacant land and opportunities for green space and gardening in the city of New Orleans.

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