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Fresh veggies and flowers from Press Street Gardens

Press Street Gardens is overflowing with herbs, vegetables, and flowers! This summer we’re relaunching our Community-Supported Agriculture program for serious “eat local” and “decorate local” fans. For one price, you can get a full month of produce, hand-picked flowers, or both, with boxes and bouquets available for weekly pickup.

Each week we’ll provide 6-8 different vegetables and herbs grown at Press Street Gardens—a week’s worth of produce for a small household. Shares change each week as items come in and out of season. We aim to provide a well-rounded share: salad greens, cooking greens, root vegetables, fruiting vegetables, and herbs will be in every share. Occasionally, we’ll also offer dry goods and value-added products made from garden vegetables by NOCCA’s Culinary Arts program.

We’ll put together a  mid-sized arrangement for you each week made exclusively with locally-grown stems.

You can pick up your Vegetable & Flower CSA at the following times and locations:

  • Thursday at the Crescent City Farmer’s Market from 3pm-7pm
  • Friday at Press Street Station from 8am-4pm


  • One month of flowers: $72
  • One month of veggies: $110
  • One month of flowers and veggies: $175

Click here to order!


Proceeds support NOCCA Institute programming for students, faculty, and the community.

Questions? Please email Marguerite at

April 9-10: Plant sale, art market, and medicinal herb workshop in Press Street Gardens

Saturday and Sunday, April 9 and 10, Press Street Gardens hosts three events for gardening enthusiasts, art fans, and others. Please join us!

Saturday, April 9, 10:30am- 12pm
Introduction to Medicine Making with Maypop Herb Shop

Want to start your own herbal apothecary? Maypop herbalists Rachael Reeves and Jen Stovall will cover the art of herbal preparations, their uses and differences. They’ll walk attendees through the process of making infusions, decoctions, and tinctures. They’ll also cover how to make an infused oil and vinegar.

Suggested donation $15-$30. Please bring a pint sized mason jar with you to the class.

Saturday, April 9, 5pm – 9pm
Second Saturday Plant Sale and Art Market

Press Street Gardens welcomes you to a Second Saturday Plant Sale and Art Market. Mosey on down to the corner of Press and Daupine Streets, from 5pm to 9pm, and you’ll find…

  • Zines, artist books, comics
  • Letterpress, stationery
  • Jewelry & wearable art
  • Functional and ornamental ceramics and pottery
  • Original fine art and hand-pulled prints
  • Homemade goods and garden wares.
  • 15 varieties of herbs, cacti, tomatoes, melons, and cucumber
  • Unique plants like loofah and rosella hibiscus
  • Free seeds, courtesy of Parkway Partners and Ed Hume
  • Baked goods and other treats created by NOCCA students
  • Umbra, the literary journal of NOCCA’s Creative Writers

And don’t while you’re on Press Street, don’t miss the reception for “Word Play” in 5 Press Gallery from 6pm to 9pm.

Can’t make it? Don’t worry. We’ll hold another on Saturday, May 14th, from 5pm – 9pm.

ARTISTS! Want to participate in our upcoming markets? Visit to apply, or email

Sunday, April 10, 10am – 1pm
Press Street Gardens Plant Sale continues

We’ve got 25 varieties of tomatoes, and not a single one is run-of-the-mill! If you miss our nighttime plant sale on Saturday the 9th, you can still get great melons, cucumbers, peppers, flowers, herbs, medicinals, native plants, cacti and more on Sunday morning. We accept cash and plastic (and maybe even really cool barter).

Our CSA Program Offers Weekly Assortments Of Herbs, Veggies, And Flowers

Press Street Gardens is overflowing with herbs, vegetables, and flowers! Recently, we launched a Community-Supported Agriculture program for serious “eat local” (and “decorate local”) fans. For one price, you can get a full month of produce or hand-picked flowers, with boxes and bouquets available for pickup every week:

  • To sign up for the veggie CSA, beginning October 1, click here.
  • To sign up for the flower CSA, beginning November, 1, click here.

Saturday Mornings In Press Street Gardens: Yoga With Thomas Q. Sims

Start your weekend with some yoga and meditation, led by certified Jivamukti instructor Thomas Q. Sims in Press Street Gardens on Saturday mornings from 9am-10am. Classes are $8 per person, with a small surcharge for credit card payments.

Students should bring their own mats and anything else they like to use for their practice. (Sunscreen is recommended, too!) Stick around afterward for treats made by NOCCA’s Culinary Arts students, available from The Boxcar food truck in Press Street Gardens.

Note: This class takes place every Saturday, weather permitting. If plans should change, we’ll post updates to Facebook and Twitter.

October 1: The New Orleans Flower Growers’ Alliance Hosts FLOWER HUSTLE, A Flower Market At Press Street Gardens

WHAT: Flower Hustle, a flower market that’s open to the public, featuring live music, seasonal cocktails, raffles, and lots of fresh flowers

WHO: The New Orleans Flower Growers’ Alliance, in partnership with Press Street Gardens

WHEN: Thursday, October 1, 2015, from 5pm to 8pm

WHERE: Press Street Gardens, 7 Press Street, New Orleans (on Press Street in the Faubourg Marigny, between Dauphine and Burgundy, one block from NOCCA’s new Chevron Forum)

WHY: To sell local flowers to florists and individuals, to raise awareness of locally and naturally grown flowers, and for a fall celebration!

Follow us on Facebook for the latest details!

Saturday, August 1: Free Workshop With Marguerite Green On Jump-Starting Your Fall Garden

This Saturday, August 1, join us for a free workshop with Press Street Gardens manager Marguerite Green. From 9am to 10am, she’ll share tips and suggestions about getting your garden ready for fall. She and the rest of the Press Street Gardens team will also demonstrate the proper way to harvest basil, and they’ll give away cut basil to those in attendance.

Also happening this Saturday in Press Street Gardens:

  • “Boxcar Brunch”, with food from The Boxcar food truck served in the courtyard from 8am to 1pm
  • Pickups of CSA boxes and bouquets for subscribers
  • Sale of additional boxes and bouquets — first-come, first-served

Press Street Gardens is a project of The NOCCA Institute and is located at 7 Press Street, at the corner of Press and Dauphine. Proceeds benefit programs for NOCCA students, faculty, and the community.

Our CSA Program Offers Weekly Boxes Of Herbs, Veggies, And Flowers

Press Street Gardens is in the middle of growing season, and our rows are overflowing with herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Beginning August 1, serious “eat local” (and “decorate local”) fans can take home some of those goodies by participating in our Community-Supported Agriculture program.

For one set price, subscribers will get four months of produce or three months of hand-picked flowers, with boxes and bouquets available for pickup every week.


Like all NOCCA Institute initiatives, proceeds from Press Street Gardens support programs for NOCCA students, faculty, and the community.

Resources For Gardeners

No matter whether you attended our recent “Grow the Block” workshop series, or whether you had prior commitments, here are a few great resources for gardeners. Enjoy!

Workshop One: Weedeaters

1. Foraged Food Recipes (PDF)
For those of you interested in wild edible foraging, we have compiled a nifty little recipe book. Learn how to turn those pesky weeds into a delicious snack!

2. Louisiana Plant ID (PDF)
This basic guide provides an introduction to the various plant species that abound throughout New Orleans. Edible plants are illustrated, and unique facts are shared. Please note, this is not intended to be a comprehensive guide: for more information, check with the LSU Agricultural Extension.

3. Foraging Guidelines (PDF)
Be mindful of your surroundings. Our foraging guidelines are intended to provide an introduction to proper foraging behavior and safety considerations.

Workshop Two: Reclaim the Land

1. Controlling the Spread of Invasive Species (PDF)
Got a problem with weeds? Don’t we all? Learn about the issues of invasive species in New Orleans, and how you can make a difference.

2. Integrated Weed Management at Home (PDF)
Get rid of those weeds once and for all. Our guide to weed management provides one with a basic understanding of techniques and applications.

3. How to Make a Weed Tea Fertilizer (PDF)
Put those weeds to work! Learn about the benefits of developing a fertilizer, made from discarded weeds. All you need is water, weeds, time and some good old fashioned elbow grease.

Workshop 3
Want to start a garden, community garden or your own green space? This resource, developed by the Food and Farm Network and the 596 Network, provides you with a detailed map of vacant land and opportunities for green space and gardening in the city of New Orleans.

Press Street Gardens Workshop: Grow the Block

Saturday, November 1, 8, and 15
Locations: various
Cost: free
Registration form at the bottom of this page

The Grow the Block workshop series will educate and empower  participants through direct service learning and innovative curriculum. Hosted by The NOCCA Institute and Press Street Gardens, the series will be held at the Laussat Street Garden, which currently provides the NOCCA Culinary Arts program with an abundance of fresh vegetables and herbs. Grow the Block participants will learn about topics such as wild foraging, weed control in a garden setting, urban blight, invasive species in New Orleans, and resources for accessing land for gardening in New Orleans. The art of gardening will merge with the power of education, providing participants with the knowledge needed to Grow the Block.

Workshop One: Weedeaters

“A weed is a plant whose virtues are not yet discovered”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce participants to the array of invasive and native plant species, typically classified as weeds, which abound in both a garden and an urban setting. Participants will learn how to identify and safely consume certain naturally growing vegetation in the garden and throughout the city of New Orleans. Simultaneously, they will learn about the medicinal, culinary, and fertilization benefits of such vegetation through direct volunteer work in the Laussat Street Garden.

Wild edible foraging safety guidelines and foraging best practices will be a key component of the workshop. This workshop will provide participants with hands-on training in proper garden maintenance while also generating awareness of potential culinary and medicinal uses of the vegetation that surrounds them on a daily basis.

Workshop Two: Reclaim the Land

This workshop will provide insight into the vegetative invaders that contribute to and overrun blighted properties and land. Participants will learn about the characteristics of native and invasive weed species in New Orleans.

Invasive and native plant species are directly linked to issues of blight in New Orleans. Blight can be categorized as part of a process whereby a previously functioning city (or portion of a city) falls into disrepair and disuse. In New Orleans, the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina has led to a great deal of blight in the form of abandoned homes and businesses and vacant lots. In the neighborhood in which the Laussat Street Garden is located, this is visible.

Through participation in the Reclaim the Land Workshop and direct service in the the Laussat Street Garden, participants will learn about the impact that community gardening and responsible land stewardship can have on blight reduction and the beautification of the built environment. Service activities will include garden maintenance and beautification, creation of wooden signage and plant indicators, and the painting of fencing structures for the Laussat Street Garden.

Workshop Three: Parcels and Pathways

The purpose of this workshop is to equip participants with an awareness of the various “green” uses of currently vacant land and of pathways to acquisition of vacant sites.

The Parcels and Pathways workshop will broaden the spectrum of land maintenance options for people interested in initiating community greening projects, and will elucidate for participants the various methods of land acquisition available to them. The Laussat Street Garden will be presented as one model in a milieu of models (both in terms of what is done with the site and how it was acquired)

The Parcels and Pathways workshop will involve a tour of several community green sites that fulfill a diverse array of functions (pocket parks, community orchards, herb and flower gardens), perhaps performing a brief service component at each site or as needed. In addition, participants will learn from garden managers and plot owners about the ways in which such land were acquired, as well as issues of site upkeep and development. Participants will be encouraged to bike or carpool from site to site.

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